We arrived on Tuesday morning so are still adjusting to the time difference after our travels to other countries. Kathmandu is what we expected – very relaxed (well, compared to other Asian cities!) and very exciting – and amazing food! We had a fantastic greeting at the airport, with loads of flowers and hugs.

I’ve already had a chance to meet and feed a street child and made him very happy with one of our torches. It looks like these might be very useful in here, as they don’t require any batteries and last for a very long time so should be very useful for children to study in the evenings.  We’ll use the ones that we brought over as a pilot, and if they are successful, then we’ll include them in all our projects.

Mukesh, our Project Coordinator in Nepal, has managed to get a fantastic deal with a telecom company to put in satellite internet at the school in Phattepur.  This means that the internet will be much faster than the one we set up now and the cost lower. And the whole village will be able to have access to it as well. We’re going to Phattepur in the next few days so I’ll post some photos of the school then.


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