No long to go to Christmas and everyone in the Western world is rushing to get ready for the festivities despite the pandemic… Like it or not, Christmas has turned into an international festival, that goes beyond its Christian origin and it is celebrated by different cultures even if they don’t share the same faith… and Nepal is exception! 

Although Christians are a very small minority in Nepal (1.45%), Christmas has become a public holiday in the national spirit of respect towards all religions and cultures. It is celebrated in the Nepali way across the country capturing the essence of this day, which is about having fun, joy and being with family and friends.

Last year I left Nepal two weeks before Christmas so I did not get the chance to see with my eyes how it is actually celebrated but I visited Sushma at our Café With No Name, and there the staff got dressed up and lighted up the Christmas tree. Café With No Name is part of Our Sansar and the final aim to raise awareness and funds for our mission among the tourists visiting this beautiful country. It is literally a hidden gem in Thamel, in the heart Kathmandu.

Yet, most of the excitement happens in Parwanipur and Birgunj where our boys, like all the children around the world, love the Christmas thrill and they decorate the home, they sing, and they dance. They do anything to make Christmas super fun and joyful, feeling a little closer to their supporters in the UK and around the world.


What’s your funniest festive memory?

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