Childrens home in  Birgunj
At Our Sansar we are committed to working with some of the most vulnerable people on earth: children. With International Day of Street Children approaching on April 12th it has given us some time to reflect on why we do the work that we do.

For some background, we are opening a children’s home in Birgunj, Nepal.

There are about 150 street children in Birgunj and most of these children do not have a place to go to at night. Many of these children find themselves living on the streets in urban areas and attempt to earn money in marginal economic activities such as collecting rags, shining shoes, dishwashing in hotels, pulling carts and rickshaws and begging. Street children are highly vulnerable to exploitation and sexual abuse.

This project has enabled us to see the difference that can be made in these areas. Children, such as those in Birgunj, represent a group of people whose decisions have already been made for them. Homes, like the one in Birgunj, offer street children hope of gaining an education and taking control of their lives.

It is for this reason that we are passionate and driven to improve the lives of street children and giving them the opportunity to create their own futures and build their lives. International Day of Street Children gives is the opportunity to look back at what we have done and provides extra motivation going forward.

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