I have been volunteering with Our Sansar for several months now so had some idea what a part time Vodafone world of difference placement would involve. It kick started last week the best possible way with an amazing Nepalese meal in OM, Worthing. A total of 23 people made it to the seaside town and by the end of the night £115 had been raised from the Dinner and £116 through raffle draws. I left with grand ideas of making my own Nepalese food and started to research Nepalese cuisine. Check out for an idea of Nepalese customs and cuisine.

Brighton& Sussex Nepalese Society organized the event for Our Sansar. The raffle prizes were quite creative, ranging from Nepalese music to chocolates, art work and handicraft.

I’m looking forward to the BSNS and Our Sansar hosting a number of different fundraising events in the coming months.. next up the annual Inter-University Nepalese Football Tournament on the 29th of March.

Speaking of which.. had better get those Our Sansar leaflets redesigned and updated for  The Annual BSNS football tournament….

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