Children’s Protection Programme – EmpowerHER: Rights, Protection and Hope

Ending abuse and providing a road to recovery

Children’s Protection Programme – EmpowerHER: Rights, Protection and Hope

Ending abuse and providing a road to recovery

In the last five years, the trafficking of women and children from Nepal has jumped by over 500%

Province 2 is the smallest yet most densely populated province in Nepal. There are more than 10,000 cases a year of violence against women and girls here

It’s also the district with the highest number of missing children in Nepal, over 400 street children and 50% of children out of school

The Upsurge of Gender Based Violence

140 miles Southeast of Kathmandu, lies Janakpur. It’s one of the fastest developing cities in Nepal.

But children here are very vulnerable to sexual exploitation, forced marriage, and child labour as servants, factory workers and beggars. 

When a child falls victim to rape or abuse in this region, they are often rejected by society, their friends and even their families.

They are left isolated, with nowhere to turn. 

It’s a heartbreaking situation. After facing exploitation and abuse, even school is no longer a safe place, as they are shunned, ridiculed and bullied because of their experience. 

The small villages surrounding Janakpur are not equipped to offer the support that is needed for these children.  But our safe house is set to change that.

Our safe house for girls provides refuge, counselling, education and transformative support to girls who have been victims of rape, trafficking and violence.


In partnership with our charity partner Pipal Tree, we have opened a shelter for girls who have been victims of domestic violence, rape, trafficking and exploitation. 

Our shelter for girls is a safe haven, where we not only provide love, care and safety but counselling programmes to help them process and recover from the trauma they’ve experienced. 

When these girls come to us, they are often depressed, traumatised and scared. So our first role is to help them feel safe, at ease and to gain their trust. 

Our counsellor uses play therapy and water therapy to help them open up and talk about their experiences.  

Just £14 will feed all children at our safe home for a day


The girls enjoy activities like art, knitting, origami, and cooking. Activities that are fun, confidence-building and allow them to express themselves.

They learn to skip, ride a bike and make friends… all the things we take for granted as a natural part of childhood.

The girls are enjoying tailoring classes and making beautiful bags, scarves and even dresses. Twice a week they also run a small stall where they sell nutritious local food and have a books corner for the local children who come to say hello. Thanks to the wonderful ladies from the Didi Project, we set up a beautiful library for the girls with books, laptops and games. The library is also open once a week to the local children.

When they are strong enough, we provide education, skills training, and individual programmes of support for each girl. So they get the full emotional and practical support they need, and the opportunity of a bright future.

Just £36 can fund a month of skills training for all the children

Community Outreach

Alongside our safehouse, we work within the local community with girls and women from the most vulnerable (untouchable) groups/castes so that they can live independent lives.

In addition to the support provided for the girls, we work closely with the police and specialist lawyers to bring perpetrators to justice and to reduce the long term risk in the area. 

Amrata’s story

Amrata* is 15 years old. When most girls are at school getting an education and hanging out with friends, Amrata was working for £2.24 a month as a maid. Amrata was raped by the son of the house owner, and she became pregnant. As if the rape and pregnancy were not traumatic enough, she was then forced by the man’s parents to abort the baby at 6 months pregnant. 

Amrata is now staying with us at our shelter where she is getting medical care, counselling and a safe place to recover and rebuild after an incredibly traumatic experience.

Our support for Amrata, and girls like her, is for the long haul. We will be there every step of the way with both practical support and loving care to help her find her own passions and interests in time.

 *name changed to protect her identity

Donate now to help girls like Amrata

Your donations do so much more than look after the children and young women already in our care, you help us to find those who need us. So they’re no longer ignored and left to suffer alone. 

At Our Sansar, we take a proactive approach. We work hard to find the children in dire need of intervention and we work tirelessly to get them the support they need. 

We are committed to changing these young lives, and being there for them with both practical and emotional support, to build brighter futures. 

Please help us to rescue these children from pain, isolation and poverty. 

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