Doesn’t every child deserve a safe home, love and education?

Free Nepalese children in need from abuse and give them a route out of poverty

Doesn’t every child deserve a safe home, love and education?

Free Nepalese children in need from abuse and give them a route out of poverty

Child Labour in Nepal

Our End to Child Labour project works to free children from illegal work and give them access to education and a brighter future. In order to do this, we must address the widereaching factors that lead them into this exploitative and dangerous work in the first place.

Please give what you can to help us end child labour

Every child deserves a home, love and education

Nepal is home to almost 10 million children living in poverty. This situation leads to many children falling victim to life on the streets, child labour, trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

Resources are limited and families are often struggling to survive, which far too often results in children being exposed to treatment that is unimaginable to most of us here in the Western World.

Our Sansar is a dynamic and responsive NGO focusing on providing holistic support that considers every aspect of a child’s wellbeing. We don’t just provide shelter or education, we provide emotional support and a nurturing family to help lift these children towards a positive future.

And we can’t do it without you.







How we help

We work in Province 2, the smallest yet most densely populated region of Nepal. Here there is a devastating lack of support and services for children suffering neglect, abuse and the dire effects of poverty. 

We work closely with local communities, organisations and the government in Nepal to ensure projects are cost-effective and reach the maximum number of beneficiaries. We understand how critical the involvement of the local community is to the long-term success, sustainability and effectiveness of our projects.

Our vision is for all children in need to have a safe place to turn to for practical help, counselling, legal support, education, training, work experience and medical support.

Street Children’s Programme

In Nepal, there are approx 5,000 children living on the streets with no access to shelter or education.

Our home and helpline free them from a life of drugs, stealing and malnutrition, providing shelter, education, nurturing care and a passage to a positive future.

Children’s Protection Programme, Janakpur

In the last five years, the trafficking of women and children from Nepal has jumped by over 500%

Our safe house for girls provides refuge, counselling, education and transformative support to girls who have been victims of rape, trafficking and violence.

End to Child Labour, Rautahat

In Rautahat, a shocking 2,500 children are subject to child labour.

Instead of going to school, they work in dangerous conditions, to put food on the table for their families.

Our End Child Labour project gets them out of work and safely into school.

Every child deserves to feel safe

Every child deserves a home

Every child deserves to be loved

It’s our goal that the children who need us will be safe from harm, cared for and nurtured by people they can trust, so they can build bright futures. They will no longer be isolated or excluded from society or left to fend for themselves.

We can change a child’s life, with not very much money at all.

Give what you can

100% of your donation goes directly to Our Sansar’s projects.

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