Transforming the futures of Nepal’s street children

From bleak horizons to a beacon of hope & opportunity

Transforming the futures of Nepal’s street children

From bleak horizons to a beacon of hope & opportunity

Take a moment, and picture yourself as a young child living on the streets of Nepal. 

Homeless, hungry and at huge risk of abuse… every day is full of risk, fear and a desperate fight to survive.  

You’ve been rejected by your family, the community and you have nowhere to turn to. 

You’re at high risk of exploitation. Will you be trafficked, sexually abused or beaten up today? 

One thing’s for sure, you’re not going to eat. You’re not going to play with friends. And you’re certainly not going to school today. 

Discounted, passed over & left to fend for themselves

Socially Excluded

High Risk of Harm

Exploited & Abused

Cut off from Education

Starving & Neglected

£20 a month gives a street child a home, counselling, legal and medical support for a year

How many street children are there in Nepal?

A shocking 5,000 children live alone on the streets of Nepal, facing the harsh reality of physical violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and child labour. 

While many are aware of the plight of street children in Kathmandu, the children of Province 2 are largely forgotten about…. Left to fend for themselves, isolated and at enormous daily risk of harm. 

In this small yet densely populated area of Nepal, 1 in 4 people live below the poverty line. 

Tragically, this leads to a high number of children living on the streets. Their daily reality is a terrifying gauntlet of trying to stay safe, fed and out of harm’s way. 

These forgotten children have nowhere to turn, and without powerful intervention, their futures look bleak…. 

Redefining the Road Ahead: From Poverty to Possibility

Our Sansar are the only organisation in the area taking a multi-model approach to tackle the causes of children living and/or working on the streets, trafficking, violence and other trauma.

⇒ We believe that every life matters. And that every child deserves the opportunity to feel loved, safe and to dare to go after their dreams.
⇒ The life you’re born into shouldn’t be a precursor to a life of struggle, hopelessness and terrifying risk.

Our Sansar takes a holistic approach, giving street children a loving home, education, family, medical care and legal support. 

Above all, Our Sansar provides an optimistic future and a wealth of opportunity to the forgotten and excluded children of Nepal. 

How We Help Nepal’s Street Children

Our Sansar started in 2009, and our home for street children was our very first project. Fast forward 13 years, and we’ve now become the most active children’s charity in Province 2, Nepal and have helped over 23,000 children

We help children between 5 and 17 years old who have lived and/or worked on the street, are at risk of becoming child labourers, victims of trafficking, violence, abandonment, and discrimination. 


Our outreach workers & police identify at risk children


Outreach & social workers assess the child’s needs


The child is introduced to our day centre or our home


Education begins, readying the child for school


Extracurricular Activities build confidence & skills

£5 a month prepares a street child for education and provides them with extracurricular activities for a year

Child Helpline / Transit Home, Birgunj

In July 2018, we opened a Day Care Centre in Birgunj city, and in July 2019 we moved to a larger building and launched the first ever Child Helpline in the area. 

The Child Helpline covers all 8 districts of Province 2 and is run in cooperation with local authorities to assist street children, child labourers and trafficked children.

We also work in the slum areas where hardly any children attend school – we focus on providing accessible daytime lessons and activities, with the aim of enrolling them into a regular school once they are used to the routine and have basic numeracy and literacy skills.

The project is run in a similar way to our Children’s Home and is a transit point for the children who are then either linked back with their families, or when this is not possible, move to our permanent children’s home.

‘Our Sansar’s Child Helpline is the first thing that comes to my mind when any child comes to us in need of protection’

District Police Officer, Parsa

Safe Home for Street Children, Parwanipur

Our home for street children is located in Parwanipur, a small village near the busy border city of Birgunj.

We regularly have around 20 happy boys who live there and enjoy going to a good school, eating delicious food and being in a loving homely environment.

These boys also get various other extra curricular classes such as computer, guitar, dance and cricket, every week.

For older children, we provide skills-based training, work placements or progression into higher education depending on their wants for the future. 

As part of the Street Children’s Programme, we grow our own organic vegetables, keep chickens for eggs and provide older boys with work experience placements to make sure that the project is sustainable.

A little goes a long way

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